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What Is "The Bally Team?"

The Dream

When a dream becomes a reality, everything changes, right? Crazy..

One day, I, Amer Bally, was sitting around listening to people in my family talk about how they wanted to buy a home, about how they can't seem to find someone that will actually work in their best interests, and about how they can't find someone who would truly take care of them. I thought to myself, every so often people look to buy homes, right? And when they do, it is one of the most stressful times of their lives, yet no one is working to alleviate some of that stress. This is where my idea became a vision. 

I thought to myself, how can I make things easier for the average consumer when it comes to finding a home, finding a real estate agent, finding an insurance company, finding a title company, etc...what can I do? This is where my vision started to become a reality. This is when I decided to create, The Bally Team.

The Bally Team came together and said, how can we make all of these things at the disposal of the client, without all of the extra costs and fees? How can we keep costs inexpensive for the average consumer? We thought, this is where we should negotiate with people who are in those industries, with people who would love to gain the business of others. So we sat down with title companies, insurance companies, wholesale lenders, and even real estate agents and we told them our game plan. This is when we put those words and thoughts into action — the creation of The Bally Team


The Plan

What we do is partner with local companies, negotiating, and working tirelessly to get the cheapest closing costs and fees for you. Then, we partner with 20 different local lenders to shop your loan. 

Now we are well aware that the cheapest rate isn't always the best option. So what we do is figure out a couple of different options that tailor to you, your needs, and your budget, then, we show you these options and let you pick which is best for you.

Now, if you do not have a real estate agent to back you when you begin looking for your home — we have numerous real estate agents that we have partnered with, that we have negotiated at the lowest prices for you, they will be there to help you throughout the entire process. 

We always suggest that when you decide to look for a new home, to take your time, don't rush it. Talk to family members, experts in the field (The Bally Team), or anyone that you need to talk to in order to make sure that you are getting your dream home at the best possible rate for you.

Interviewed Amer Bally

Written by, Michael Thomas

September 6th, 2018