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First Time Home Buyers

We get it, buying a home can be nerve-wracking, especially for the first time. What our team of experts does is consult with you to learn what your goals are, or even what your finances are like so that we can tailor a loan program to you, not the lender.

Conventional Loans

Are you a simple borrower? Good credit, never had any trouble with your bills? Then we have the perfect product for you. If you are putting more than 20% down on a home, or even thinking about doing a simple refinance on your property to get out of that mortgage insurance, we can handle it. The lenders that we work with provide excellent programs accustomed to your lifestyle. 

FHA Loans

Low credit score? No problem. We get it, sometimes things just dont go the way we want and before we know it, our credit score has dropped. With our FHA loans we offer the best rates, with the best service for your type of needs. Making sure that you get the cheapest mortgage insurance with the lowest rate is what The Bally Team provides. Even if you are putting less than 20% down on a home.

VA Loans

We LOVE our Veterans, and we thank you all for your service. With that thank you, we offer top of the line service on the loan, from the lender to us. Rates are at an all time low for veterans so we want to make sure you get the opportunity to take advantage of that. Let us know if you are a veteran, so that you can take full advantage of your benefits.

3% - 5% - 10% - 15% Down Programs

Are you newly married? Did you just have a child? Do you not have enough money in your savings, but you really want to take that step to purchasing your first home? Here with The Bally Team of experts, we realize that sometimes it's hard to save up for that 20% down on that amazing home you want. What we can do for you is offer programs that allow you to put down 3% on that home, so you don't have to worry about emptying your savings account in order to make that big step.

Debt Consolidation

These are the loans The Bally Team loves! This is the program that we know offers our clients the best savings for the future and in the long run. If you are in over your head with debt, and are sick of paying five different payments with 20%+ interest rates — we have the perfect option for you. 

If you own your home, give us a call today, The Bally Team is waiting to help you out.


Home Renovation

Are you thinking about finally getting that basement finished in your dream home, but the funds aren't quite there? What we can do for you is offer cash out programs with low interest rates that can have your cash ready in 15-20 days. This option is better than opening a new credit card, or even getting hard money cash loans. The reason why, is because those interest rates are above 20%, with this we place you in something that won't be as costly.

Dream Home

Do you and your family want that cottage on the beach? Or that cabin in the mountains? Our second home programs are top of the line. We can get you in a program with an amazing rate and in half the time of the big banks. We want to make sure that we get you into that fancy home to relax in and enjoy as easily as possible.

Interested in Real Estate?

The Bally Team partners with a team of realtors who can find you that home to rent out, so you can begin making a second income. Our partners provide top of the line service when looking for that 1-4 unit home. We wouldn't even begin to consider referring our clients to a realtor we don't have complete trust in. 


Do you live in a rural area? If so, we offer programs that allow our clients to obtain a mortgage on their farm or land. This program provides a top of the line service while making sure that we fit you in the correct product. 

Don't see your product?

Contact us! Let us know what you want or how we can help you find that home or program you have been looking for.