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Everybody is Looking for the Secret

Taken from the podcast AB Experience which you can listen to here.


Everybody wants to know the secret. Let’s begin by listening to a small video by Gary Vee where he says that you don’t need a network. You need to finally face the truth: you don't want to put in the work. You don’t need mentors or books. You need to put in the work. You know what it takes.

It's like Tyler. You want to fix that he wants a six-pack. It's not about reading about the six-pack. It's not about watching videos about a six-pack. It's about doing the work that gets you a six-pack. We lack the work ethic and things we want because everyone is looking for excuses.

Everybody is looking for poor excuses. Go and execute. There are unlimited free mentors online. Go and work.

Gary Vee is talking about mentorship and executing and putting in the work. People talk badly because someone else put in more work than them. So they're upset. They are annoyed. How can you hate someone who works harder than you? People feel that they are threatened by other people who simply put in more work. 

For example, I put in more work than you. It's easier for you to just hate than for you to work harder. It's easier to stay, right? That is the problem with society.

Everybody is looking for the secret. There is no secret. There is no luck.

If there is luck, luck is when consistency and opportunity meet. Bingo! Being consistent means you're ready when you're ready. You are ready for any opportunity. The opportunity arrives, and you execute it.

You don't have to get ready if you're always ready. If you are always ready for the opportunity, you never have to prepare. It's like we get that random phone call from that client who wants a three-million-dollar pre-approval. 

You need to always be ready for that phone call. When it comes, you're ready to dominate that phone call. Now there is always a person you have been chasing to get a meeting with. One day they call and you want to be prepared. If you didn't do your research, you don’t know how to connect to that particular person. And you are going to fail.

Get yourself busy!

In the next six to eight months here, winter is a terrible time. There's no business. Everyone is slow. There is nothing, there are not many opportunities, and people are in a bad mood. There is no sun. On top of that right now the industry we're in is slow. 

Yet if you're like me, even though I was supposed to be on vacation until Tuesday, I decided to fly Fly back today instead. All I could think about was that I have to go back to work. There is so much work to do

Nevertheless, some people are slow. When you are slow, you are looking for something to keep you busy but that's not the right thing to do. So then they go and do stuff on social media and they're hating or they say I'm going to go to the gym more or I will travel…

The thing is you have to get yourself busy. When you're slow, you have to find a way to keep yourself busy. There are many types of “busynesses”. There's the productive kind of “busy” and then there's the “un-busy” work.

Winter time is the best

Winter time is my favorite time. I hate summer. In the winter season when everyone is lazy and no one wants to work, then you have to double down on your work ethic. If everyone is slow, and no one has business, no one is doing anything. Yet if we double this time of year the amount of market share. You're going to pick up at such an exponential rate. 

Everybody slows down in winter. But if you worked hard, then in the summer you're going to be ahead of anybody else. There's more market share to pick up and I feel like this is the secret. 

Except it is not a secret. All I say is you have to work harder. There is nothing else. I want to push myself. I just want to go a little harder. It is just a little bit hard to wake up an hour earlier. Let's try it once. I wake up at 4 am to start this podcast. Yet I was wondering why not do it an hour earlier? Is it because I would have to wake up at 3 am? I just want to push myself further. What if 3 am is the recipe?

If you get into the office early, you are not receiving phone calls nor emails. It is the perfect time to make content. The secret is to wake up early. It's more like the recipe but no one is doing it because it's hard. 

I got out of bed today because of the haters. I'd probably fall back asleep every morning, but these haters push me to work.

Create actionable goals

It is like the 75 day hard challenge or monk challenge. It is customizable. You set it monthly. No alcohol. No weed. 30 minutes of exercise every day. So you set a time for yourself to wake up every day and then set an actionable goal. 

I usually have goals based on outcomes. But here you set goals based on the action because results can come when you act. So instead of saying I want three clients this week, you say I want to make 50 calls this week. Then you get prepared for the action. 

Set goals for the day-to-day. Set principles to follow every day! Do it for about three months and then take a three-week break and come back to a three months/three weeks schedule. It is a balance.

Just get out of bed!

Pick up the market in the slower times. That's all you have to do. Not only in the winter, but when everybody is sleeping at 4 am. Nobody is working hard at that hour except you.

So from 4 am to 9 am you have five hours to dominate. Our competitors are working eight hours a day, so that is less.

I see some loan officers at 11 a.m. They are in the gym. What are you doing in the gym at 11:00? 

Eric Thomas made a video in California saying the market opens at 9 am. You're waking up at 11:00 in the morning and some people are already making decisions about your life in another part of the country. People are making decisions that will impact your day today and you are still asleep. 

Lead by example

I feel like I'm crazy when I think about people who ask me how did get 25,000 square feet in four years? I just wake up early. I just dominated my morning. Every morning I dominated my morning. If you don’t go to the gym in the morning, then check all your emails and read all you have to read. Just get out of bed, you know, just get out of bed.

Your surroundings also impact your goals and daily habits. In some cities it is difficult to do the monk work. So then change cities. Go to where it is quiet. It is dark and lonely. It has nothing.

Think about your work environment as well and who you're working with. In companies where the boss is coming at noon or the boss is always on vacation, that set the tone for the employees. 

Leading by example is key. As boss you are always raising the standard, performing better. If not, employees are not going to get better. If you woke up at 6:00, you got your ass busted. But what if my boss woke up at 10 and he is just strolling in. I could never work for a person like that.

It's no secret that your leader makes money off of you. It's something I had to understand from a very young age in my career. I'm going to work for someone who's going to make money with me. This is how America, this is how the world is built. There is always someone making money with you no matter what, even if you have your own business. 

You are the CEO of the company. Someone is still making money from you. But in my work ethic, also helps my distributor make more money. That is no secret. I had to come to terms with that and say that is fine.

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