About Us

Award Winning Mortgage Broker Amer Bally of Troy, MI

Amer Bally

Before the realization set in that I won't be a pro football player, I decided to change my ways and begin pursuing Entrepreneurship. 

In the first year of starting The Bally Team, We've won a lot of awards from the #1 Mortgage Whole Seller In the US, United Wholesale Mortgage:

  • Top 20 purchase loan officer in the state of Michigan
  • Top 100 purchase loan officer in the country
  • Top 1% mortgage brokers in the country
  • Rookie of the Year in 2019 ($40 Million in volume)

My brand built solely off of referrals and stopping unfair lending, we decided to take it to the top. It's my mission to help clients who in the past would get taken advantage of by large banks and retail lenders. 

I, as a mortgage loan officer, came into this industry with the motive of changing the way clients get financing for their homes. I, Amer Bally (1117265) – charge no fees on all my loans. 

My clients can work toward getting an affordable home at a very low-interest rate. Our business is built for the everyday person who's in the market to buy a home. We strive to make the purchase process enjoyable and fair to not have buyer's remorse at the end of the process.

We pride ourselves in keeping communication open and sticking with you throughout the whole loan process. We have a complete circle of business in our pipeline. 

Education is the key to my success, and I believe it's the key to everyone's success who works with me. If your credit isn't where it should be, we can send you to our credit department to help improve it.  If you are a realtor looking for more business, we want to help you grow. 

If you are a client who wants to get into their first home, we do that as well. 

The Bally Team wants to educate the consumer, so the mortgage process is not overwhelmed with the process, stress, and anxiety of getting a mortgage. We instead make it fun and rewarding because knowing we're helping families create new family memories in a home is the satisfaction we gain.

Allow the team that works for you, to work, for you and prequalify you for a loan!